Fairplay Protection From Fraud

One of Fairplay’s primary goals is to keep users’ information and platform-based activities secure. All of the company’s resources are monitored by a specialized system and a team of technical experts who can spot malicious players and prevent them from accessing the FairPlay website or mobile app. A suspicious account will be blocked or frozen automatically. Moreover, if there are enough reports from other players, the protection system will alert the security team. 

Protecting players from fraud on FairPlay

Some of the things that can alert the fraud-blocking system that something suspicious is going on:

  • Unusual behavior from the user’s side;
  • Multiple failed attempts to log in with incorrect information entered;
  • Third-party connections to gamers’ accounts and subsequent attempts to withdraw large sums of money from them;
  • Unapproved activity on your account when interacting with other players and the company’s resources;
  • Connections from a third party that is frequently disconnected and use several IP addresses.

In the event that any player discovers the issue, he/she has the option of filing a complaint against the user or sending the relevant information to technical support. A specialized department within the company will investigate the complaint, and if it is determined that the questionable profile page should be blocked, then it will be. 

About FairPlay fraud prevention system

Suppose you have never engaged in any behavior that would be considered illegal but are unable to log in because your personal cabinet is blocked. In that case, you have the right to get in touch with the support service and ask it to resolve the problem. In most cases, access will be restored without causing any loss of previous results or funds.