Fairplay Aviator Online Game for Indian Players

Fairplay Aviator is an instant game, chart-topping in India. By launching it, players will find themselves in front of the aircraft, floating through the sky. As the airplane flies higher and higher, the chances of a large prize drastically increase. The mission of the Indian gamer is to decide when to cash out before the red plane flies off the screen of the Fairplay Aviator game.

Fairplay Aviator Game in India

How to Play Aviator in Fairplay

The only way to participate in Fairplay betting Aviator is by registering at the official website. As stated in the Terms & Conditions, the user must be at least 18 years old to join the site and stand a chance to gamble. To play Fairplay Aviator in India for real cash, Indian players need to:

  • STEP 1
    Visit the official Fairplay site

    Open the site or Fairplay mobile app of the casino.

  • STEP 2
    Login or register on the Fairplay website

    Create an account or log into the existing one.

  • STEP 3
    Click on Crash Games in the Fairplay menu

    Click the «Crash Games» tab on the interface’s top-right side.

  • STEP 4
    Find the Aviator game among the Fairplay Crash games

    Scroll the list of available instant games until the Aviator is in sight or use the search bar.

  • STEP 5
    Launch the Aviator game on Fairplay

    Tap the Fairplay Aviator Online icon to start. In the main menu, adjust the bet amount and tap the «Bet» button to begin the round.

What is the Aviator Game

Fairplay Aviator is a fast-paced game with a modern interface, where Indian gamers need to determine the optimal moment to cash out their profits. There are no bonus mechanics, so the singular way to become a winner is to watch the multiplier growing each second the aircraft floats in the sky and press the Cash Out button.

About Fairplay Aviator online game

How Does the Aviator Game Work

Fairplay Spribe Aviator is based on the Provably Fair algorithm – a technology that creates a clear betting experience, in which different tamperings are not possible. This cryptographic technology works on the basis of the SHA-256 encryption algorithm, which is also used on the Bitcoin blockchain network.

The algorithm automatically generates an encrypted key from the server and players’ seeds that determine an outcome in the round.

How the Aviator game works at Fairplay Casino

Aviator Information for Indian Players

Fairplay Aviator casino game is widely known for its uncomplicated rules. Even for an amateur, learning how to play Aviator is a simple assignment that doesn’t require a lot of time. Before you start gambling, familiarize yourself with the Fairplay Aviator features.

Information About Fairplay Aviator game
Release DateNovember 30, 2019
Game FormatInstant, Crash
Maximum Multiplierx1,000,000
Minimum Bet10 INR
Maximum Bet8,000 INR
Free Trial ModeAvailable

Aviator Game Features and Functions

Understanding the basic mechanics of Fairplay betting Aviator game is a key factor for increasing your winning chances. Much like slot machines, Aviator offers Indian users an «Auto Play» icon that allows them to place bets automatically. In addition, this game provides unique mechanics such as the automatic withdrawal of the bet as soon as the specific coefficient is reached. The full list of features includes:

  • High RTP (Return to Player);
  • Medium volatility;
  • Game Chat;
  • Statistics;
  • Double Bet;
  • Automatic Bets.
Aviator Game Features and Functions at Fairplay
  • Aviator RTP icon


    RTP (Return to Player) is an indicator that shows an approximate percentage of bets that will be refunded to the user in the long term. As an example, from 100 INR spent in Fairplay Aviator, Indian users can expect to return 97 INR in the long run, because the RTP index in this crash game is set at 97%.

  • Aviator Volatility icon


    Volatility is a term that refers to the risk and reward level associated with a particular game. Fairplay Aviator Game India has a medium volatility level, meaning that the rounds are balanced and players can expect a mix of wins and losses, both small and big.

  • Aviator chat icon

    Game Chat

    Indian players who spend real cash on Fairplay Aviator bets have access to real-time chat, where they can communicate with other gamers, discuss strategies, share tips, and talk about other things related to their experience with Aviator in Hindi.

  • Aviator Statistics icon

    Statistics of Players’ Performance

    The interface of Aviator includes a Statistics area, where players can extract details about top bets, as well as the highest profits of the day, month, and year. Information from this segment of the gaming field can help gamblers to develop a unique strategy.

  • Aviator Bet button icon

    Two Bets

    Two Bets is a unique mechanics, allowing players to place two independent stakes in the round. This action increases your chances and allows trying tactics.

  • Aviator Auto bet icon

    Auto Play – Bets and Cashout

    Players can manually set up a coefficient and be sure the bet will be withdrawn when it is reached. Also, it is possible to set the number of rounds and the bet amount to trigger automatic bets, saving a lot of time. The «Auto Play» feature can be stopped anytime.

Aviator Demo – Gamble for Free

Fairplay Aviator is not available in the full demo format, but there’s a way to acquaint yourself with the basic mechanics. Before starting placing real cash bets, players can launch a trial Aviator version to see how the airplane flies in the air and check out the statistics and controls.

Play Aviator game in demo mode at Fairplay

How to Play Demo

To launch the free demo format, it is necessary to sign up or log in to Fairplay Casino. At the same moment, there’s no need to make a deposit or complete the Know-Your-Customer verification. Here are certain steps to take:

  1. Get authorized into your Fairplay account.
  2. In the «Crash Games» tab on the upper-right side of the interface, find Aviator and launch it.
  3. Explore the game’s interface and watch the airplane fly.
Instruction on how to play Aviator in demo mode at Fairplay

Aviator Betting Tips for Newbies

The best way to increase your chances in Fairplay Aviator India is by using a smart approach to betting. For successful bets, it is necessary to exclude impulsive actions and focus on clear tactics. The following tips will be valuable:

  • Don’t chase the highest multipliers. Instead, concentrate on smaller coefficients;
  • Analyze the behavior and statistics of other players and try to benefit from it;
  • Keep experimenting with the strategies, trying out new tactics again and again.
Fairplay Aviator Betting Tips for Indian players

Notable Strategies for Indian Players

Through the years, proficient players have developed efficient strategies that boost their odds of achieving optimal results in Aviator. It must be noted that these tactics can’t guarantee success. Try to employ these schemes:

  • Low-Risk. Perhaps, the safest strategy that implies withdrawing on the lowest coefficients from x1.10 to x1.25;
  • Medium-Risk. An optimal tactic for Indian gamers with a decent budget that involves stopping the aircraft at an x2-x4 multiplier;
  • High-Risk. The riskiest strategy for players with a solid bankroll suggests putting up a stake on the highest multiplier such as x70.
Useful strategies for playing Aviator at Fairplay

Aviator Mobile App from Fairplay

Fairplay is a mobile-friendly website, supporting apps for Android and iOS. Players can download the application for their smartphones and tablets for free.


In addition to the fact that Indian users can launch Aviator in any browser that suits their device parameters, there’s a convenient mobile application they can download. The successive steps are:

  1. Visit the official Fairplay site and scroll the homepage down to find the banner with the installation file.
  2. Press the «Download Now» button to initiate the file download.
  3. Open the APK file and install the application.
  4. Wait until the installation is finished and click the Fairplay icon on your screen to launch the application.
Play Aviator game on Fairplay mobile app for Android


Similarly, Indian users can install the Fairplay Aviator iOS program. Any iPhone from 11 and newer will suit. Take the following steps to install the application hassle-free:

  1. Open an official Fairplay website from any mobile browser and find the banner to download the IPA file in the footer.
  2. Click on the «iOS» button when you select the OS of your smartphone/tablet.
  3. Install the file and create a shortcut on your home screen for quick access to the app.
  4. Log into your account and launch Aviator.
Play Aviator game on Fairplay mobile app for iOS

Why Is the Airplane Game So Special?

Fairplay Aviator is very sought-after among Indian users for some reasons. Players like the fast tempo of Aviator, as rounds typically take about 10-30 seconds. Additional aspects include:

  • Fair results that can be verified through the Provably Fair algorithm;
  • Big multipliers that can reach up to x1,000,000;
  • Understandable rules;
  • Interactions with other players.
Why the Aviator game at Fairplay Casino is special


Is it possible to play Fairplay Aviator with a small budget?

Yes. The lowest possible bet in Aviator is only 10 INR.

Can I play Fairplay Aviator without payments?

No. You can run the demo format, but you will not be able to fully go the way of the player and make bets, because this mode is limited to a simple demonstration.

What is the highest payout in Aviator?

The highest multiplier in Aviator reaches x1,000,000. It means that the gambler can increase the initial 100 INR bet up to 100,000,000 INR.