Terms and Conditions

Fairplay (hereinafter, the company, website, site, organization, platform, or firm) requires players to read the legal information contained herein before using the services provided. 

When accessing any company resources, any authorized Fairplay user should:

  • Do not violate the current terms of the agreement;
  • Comply with cookies and other personal data policies;
  • Follow self-control requirements;
  • Receive individual announcements and letters.

Therefore, the company asks you not to register a Fairplay account for gambling and sports betting if you do not agree with the previous points. Unless otherwise specified, the Fairplay website is not connected to any organized or unorganized sporting events, either public or private.

Terms and conditions of the betting site FairPlay India


The organization reserves the right to cancel or suspend your account and/or access to the Fairplay site if it is determined that your account and/or password is being used in an unauthorized manner or if the information you provided during the registration process is incorrect or incomplete. 

Only users who can verify they are over the age of 18 are allowed to create an account on the site. The company’s management has the right to request additional documentation to verify the user’s age. The company may also perform routine checks to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and may take appropriate action (such as suspending or blocking access to the profile) if any discrepancies are found.

Information about registration on FairPlay

Suspending and Closing an Account

Players have the ability to delete all of their information and close their accounts independently by submitting a request to the support service. In addition, the company reserves the right to freeze or close a user’s account in the event that any questionable transactions take place in either their account or email. A player may also be added to a restricted list by the organization. To avoid it, you need to remember and agree with the following points:

Self-restriction and self-exclusion on FairPlay
  • There may be rules or restrictions on taking advantage of promotions;
  • Make it a point to get copies of any other documents that can serve as evidence of the transactions you’ve conducted or your identity. These can be cheques from money transfers, bank statements, and other documents or copies of documents showing that the transaction was made by you and on your behalf;
  • The company reserves the right to withhold payment until the matter is resolved if a transaction is frozen as a result of suspicious activity;
  • Fairplay may disclose personally identifiable information to law enforcement agencies upon request;
  • The staff can verify player accounts, including gaming activity, at any time;
  • Until further investigation, a player’s account will be frozen if he/she is suspected of fraud or money laundering;
  • If the organization’s specialists determine there has been a fraudulent transaction on your account, they may hold your funds. This withholding will continue until the situation is clarified;
  • Fairplay reserves the right to terminate an account if a gamer is found to have violated the responsible gaming policy or if the company has reason to believe that the player’s continued participation may be harmful to his/her health.

Deposit Section

Players are required to make a deposit using whichever payment method of their choosing to be eligible to use the services that the company provides on its website. Fairplay reserves the right to modify the Deposits section and change the list of supported payment options at any time, so make sure the method you want to use is still valid before attempting to do so. 

All bets are placed with the player’s own cash, and the company does not extend any kind of credit or loan. You must inform the appropriate tax and/or other authorities in your country of any gains or losses.

Terms and conditions of deposit section on the FairPlay

Betting Provisions

The player is solely responsible for all activities conducted through his/her account, including placing bets on sporting events, and accepts full responsibility for the manner in which he/she disposes of his/her funds. Any bet placed with Fairplay is subject to cancellation at any time at its sole discretion.

Terms and conditions of sports betting at FairPlay

Confirmation of the Bet

Insufficient funds will invalidate any bets placed. The company does accept phone bets, but only after the operator has read the full terms and conditions to a gamer and gotten approval.

About confirming a bet on FairPlay

Calculation and Payouts

This section lays out the guidelines for how bets are to be settled in accordance with the regulations. In the event that there is a disagreement regarding the distribution of prize money, the company maintains the discretion to halt or reverse any winning transaction that seems fishy. At any given time, the company may choose to take one or more of the following actions concerning payout transactions:

  • At any time, Fairplay may temporarily or permanently halt betting and/or void any open bets;
  • If you enter an invalid outcome into an express, the betting slip will be settled based on the remaining outcomes;
  • Erroneously credited funds/winnings cannot be used, and Fairplay reserves the right to void any transactions involving them;
  • If there is reasonable suspicion that the integrity of the event has been compromised, the price(s) or the pool has been altered, or a match has been rigged, Fairplay reserves the right to suspend payment and declare the event bet invalid.
About payouts and calculations at the FairPlay betting site

Use of Fairplay resources

Services and access to Fairplay are restricted to persons under 18 years of age. The company complies with local regulations in each jurisdiction in which it operates and provides services only to persons over the age of 18.

Copyright for all materials found on the company’s website, including their selection, arrangement, and presentation, belongs to Fairplay. The company permits you to visit and make noncommercial use of the Fairplay website.

When using a payment method that verifies your identity, such as a credit card or bank account, you can only add money to your gaming account from those sources.

About the materials used on the FairPlay website

Prohibited Activities

The company has strict management principles that its users must follow. In order for the company’s sites to function, players must provide the following assurances:

  • You are not on any of the restrictive lists of any gambling operator or regulatory authority;
  • You don’t associate gambling with a method of regular income or earning money;
  • When gambling, you are aware of the possible financial losses;
  • You provide accurate and up-to-date information when you register and upon company request;
  • In no way you bet or gamble with money that you have obtained dishonestly or illegally;
  • No effort is made to disable or circumvent Fairplay’s security mechanisms;
  • You neither cheat nor use third-party software;
  • You are not affiliated with any criminal organization, and you have no intention of interfering with the service or stealing data;
  • You must only use a personal credit or debit card issued in your name.
Prohibitions for FairPlay users

Regulations for User Conduct

Everyone who uses the company’s services is required to familiarize themselves in advance with the necessary precautions and protocols. In particular, read the following:

  • The user made sure he/she is not in sanctioned jurisdictions;
  • The user is not prohibited from gambling and is over the age of 18;
  • To ensure delivery of Fairplay’s messages, the player must add the company’s domain to their trusted senders’ list;
  • When registering, the gamer must provide information that is true, accurate, current, and complete;
  • Players must account for and pay any applicable tax in their states or any other fees;
  • Any time a user’s information changes, they must inform the support staff immediately;
  • When taking advantage of a bonus or promotion, the player agrees to first check the terms and conditions;
  • A payment gateway’s rules must be followed for any transaction processed through the company’s payment system partners.
Rules for players on the FairPlay betting site

You acknowledge that there may be lag time between the server and the website and that site may present different results than the server. In this case, the outcome is what the server is anticipating. Despite the potential discrepancy in results, you have no concerns. If you have any questions about the code of conduct, you can get in touch with the support staff.